Microsoft Azure Portal App for Windows

Are you using Microsoft Azure? If yes, then probably you are using Web Browser to access the Azure Portal. But do you know that there a Windows App for Azure Portal? I have been using this app for months now, and it is my go-to application on my laptop when I am accessing my Azure subscription.

The app feels native Windows App than the browser experience. You can install this on a Windows machine. It got all the features of Azure Portal, including Azure Cloud Shell.

There is not about much on the internet about the app and encountered accidentally on Twitter.

If you are interested in trying out the app, use the link to download it. Navigate to from any browser.

The Azure Portal app gives you the similar of the Azure Portal. It looks identical to web-based Azure Portal.

Here is a snapshot of the Azure Portal app:

azure portal app, azure portal

Got any comments? Post on this article and also, if you are having an issue with the App, you can give feedback and suggestion to Microsoft.

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