Create a Domain Controller in Azure

In this blog post, I will show you how can you create a Domain Controller in Azure on Windows VM running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.

Assuming you have already created a Windows VM in Azure running on Windows Server 2016. (You can use the same steps for 2012, 2012 R2 and 2019)

Now follow the steps to create a Domain Controller:

  • Login into the Azure VM via RDP
  • Go to the Server Manager and from the Dashboard, click on Add roles and features

dc in azure

  • Add Roles and Features Wizard window will appear
  • Click on Next three times

  • Select Active Directory Domain Services and click on Add Features

dc in azure

  • Click on Next

  • Click on Install and then click on Close

dc in azure

dc in azure

  • Once the Active Directory Domain Services are installed we need to perform Post-deployment configuration
  • Click on the Flag icon (Right side upper corner of the Server Manager window) and click on Promote this server to a domain controller

dc in azure

  • The deployment configuration will appear. Select Add a new forest and give a domain name you want (In my case it’s contoso.local )

dc in azure

  • Now click on Next
  • Type the Password for DSRMĀ and click on Next

dc in azure

  • Click on Next three times

dc in azure

  • Review the configuration. After reviewing click on Next and then Install

  • Once the Installation is done VM will reboot.

  • After the Installation, you need to update Virtual Network’s DNS Server so the other Servers in the same VNET can recognize the Domain and also can join to the domain.
  • Copy the Private IP address of your Azure VM and go to Virtual Network and click DNS Servers from the blade

  • After adding the DNS Server you need to reboot all the VMs to utilize updated DNS server
  • Lets login to the DC using Domain Account. On the Dashboard, we can see our Domain

I hope this post will help you to set up DC in Azure. Please leave a comment if I missed something or you want to add something.

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